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About Moriah haven

Photo © Alex Krzystof Grodkiewicz

Photo © Alex Krzystof Grodkiewicz

Moriah Haven is a Singer-Songwriter, whose projects utilize various concept characters; each expressing a clear idea in their own voice. Though, spoken through many characters, underlying themes advocating body positivity, sex positivity, teaching consent, and healing after sexual abuse through the arts.

The ultimate goal of efforts such as The Growth Project, is to facilitate very open public conversations to aid in raising awareness on social issues Haven feels passionately about. These conversations are started, with hopes for and breaking down stigmas concerning sexual abuse, addiction, and mental health.

"To me, singing is about the articulation of emotional intention through melody. The arts, and music in particular, can connect us with each other on a spiritual level like nothing else quite can." 

Growing up with strong roots in Appalachian Music, Country, Blues, and Bluegrass, and Gospel, her performances pay homage to the tradition of these genres, often evoking an era and style more reminiscent of times past. She is a lover of tradition, who learned to sing in her Grandmother's Non-Denominational Country Church.....but we've all heard of that preacher's relative who prays every day,.....but....who also loves to push the envelope......because, they like to challenge people to think just a little deeper.....Haven herself often seems as much a juxtaposition as her sonic experiments to those who might meet her in passing, as she is often in character. One can rest assured, however, that she's always doing her best to stay genuine at heart.

Also an organic gardening and sustainable farming enthusiast, Mother, illustrator, and designer; she passionately believes in advocating for survivors of abuse, the for the rights of the LGBTQ community, First Nations Peoples, and individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Afterall, she is a Youghiogheny Shawnee, Aspie, Pansexual woman herself. (Shout-Out!)

Truly unpredictable, it seems worth sticking around to see what this woman might cook up next. One thing has been promised:

"I ain't gonna shut up about it, if I mean it, and I don't say it, unless I mean it."

Upcoming events

Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival 2018

 —  —

Wisteria Campground and Event Site, 39825 State Route 684 , Pomeroy, OH 45769

Phase 1 Tickets ONLY $99! Thursday's Pre-Party only $25! Limited Supply Available! These will also go fast and the price will rise again! Thank you all for your early support!

Get yours here -->

Applications can be found and completed here -->


Rootwire is a 3 Day & 3 Night Transformational Experience designed to Celebrate and Inspire Love, Beauty, Music, Community Building, and Shared Consciousness.

Passes include FREE Body Work from an Array of Masters in a Multitude of Healing Modalities!! FREE water, FREE wooded camping, FREE parking and FREE access to EVERY show, workshop, and gallery!!

Everyone in attendance: musicians, artists, presenters, organizers, volunteers, staff, vendors, cooks, attendees -- everyone! -- is asked to actively participate in the Transformational Act of Personal and Collective Creation.

NO OTHER FESTIVAL IN THE MIDWEST will have anything close to the amount of intention and focus we have put into the overall experience you will have as an attendee at RW2K18. Alot of festivals have stages with music and camping but none have the Heart and Soul that makes Rootwire the #1 Transformational Experience in the Midwest: The Ceremonial Center. We focus more than 50% of our budget in creating and maintaining a workshop and presenter schedule that is second to none. Prepare to learn about yourself, embrace the changes that make us unique, and to get involved with your surroundings. At Rootwire you will learn, practice, and discuss new skills and techniques that will encourage you to walk through life with a feeling of purpose, happiness, and LOVE with your hearts and souls wide open!! We do hope you will join us for this life changing event..


All workshop, healer, performance, visual art, and music lineups COMING SOON!

Moriah's Blog

Benefits, Galore! 

I am so honored to be able to participate in so many beautiful charitable events in the next few weeks. I hope to see you out at all of them, one of them, a few....whatever you can do, please pitch in!?


December 12th & 13th, at New Boswell Brewery & Tap Room, there will be 30 amazing songwriters in Richmond, IN. This will benefit a Richmond food bank.
Admission is either 2 non-perishable food items, or 5 dollars. Hosted by SONA : The Society of Neutral Angels.


December 15th, I will be at the 3rd annual "A Very Dayton Christmas" at The Carrs Photography to benefit a Stivers School for the Arts battling cancer. This benefit features Live Music, a bake sale, kid's crafts, a photo booth, games, and coffee. Admission is free, donations at the door are encouraged, and all proceeds will benefit this young lady & her family.


December 19th & 20th, at Ghostlight Coffee, there will be another set of 30 amazing songwriters in Dayton, OH. This will benefit a Dayton food bank.Admission is either 2 non-perishable food items, or 5 dollars. Hosted by SONA : The Society of Neutral Angels.

Please, come out and support these imperative causes, & enjoy some great music, food, and more.