Old Heart, New Heart

Vile words spoken 
from the deepest crevice within
the darkest cave corner, 
but a blind amphibian, 
groping at the blackness,
flailing for the first thing it could happen upon
to slash with claws of fear and doubt:

This was the old heart:
Void of divine love,
or any purity, grace, or compassion:
a demon of pungent vapor,
a wisp in the corner;
quietly poised at the first chance
to devour and destroy anything beautiful or holy....

Fearlessly meek,
Tirelessly gentle,
Forever faithful
In heart, in practice,
A divine grace, 
The Antelope could not catch you,
leaping over the tallest grass, 
Unafraid, free, while you believe with your whole being,
that when you fall back, arms out, smiling in free bliss,
knowing that you will land in the most divine arms of Godly love, 
where he keeps us free, forevermore.

This is the New Heart:
Void of vile intention, 
filled with the fearless love of grace,
an Angel of compassion and gratitude,
a Redwood pillar,
Roots thriving in the Earth of creation, 
Ready to walk with hands clasped in each side of a Saviour, 
Feet burning a brand new road, paved in fire, cleansing to ashes....
ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, new heart burning with devotion, and humbled by the divine:

The latter heart, I now give to you, my dearest friend.

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