Tireless Limbs

I'll dance upon tireless limbs with you,
on a raft of ecstasy,
we will never tire of this sea.

The Edge, I Slipped.

I slipped..........the edge was waiting,
and I let it take me, again.
The familiar darkness,
it's easier when you can't see,
you fade into it...........
in your unreachable casket,
buried, but breathing still,
in the old, familiar darkness,

Take it, Wind.

Let the wind take it
take it
take it,
take it to the universe:
Let the wind
take it
take it
take it
from your heart:
Let it go, now,
leave it
leave it
leave it
you are too tender.


Heart Diminished by Psychology

Perhaps, our heart discerns
what our minds cannot.
Perhaps, an embrace
holds more wisdom
than the complete library
of psychological studies,
where the mind tries to
diminish the power of the heart,
the power of divine love
flowing between two…


Give it Time, Love.

They say,"Give it time, love."
time is only relative
to your place of perception.
A heart that beats
a beat of longing
does not know time
in the manner that
some clock dictates,
even with Swiss accuracy,
it cannot…

A drift, Adrift.

When a drift of snow moves adrift, it shifts, it transforms, and when we decide to disturb the illusion of its perfection, and we "use our hands, as shovels to uncover hearts"......... we…