The Glad Rag Get-Up Grubsteak 1920s Costume Party for Moriah's 33rd Birthday

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Taffy's of Eaton, OH, 123 E Main St., Eaton, OH 45320

What Live Music, Potluck, 1920's Costume Party, and Birthday Celebration!

Moriah will have hit the ol' 33 a few days prior on the 4th, so get yourself kippy and blouse on out to Taffy's on Saturday, January 7th, to blow with us in celebration, ya bunch-a-barneymuggers!

We want you to get yourselves dudded up in your best 1920s era glad-rags, snag your favorite arm candy floorflusher, grab a lap of hooch from the vast selection, and come talk feathers and applesauce with us, ya brooksy. Seriously, it'll be berries!

Oh, yeah, and bring a little grub for the potluck (if you can, and you're a real swell sharp-shooter, that is).

When From 8 till the cows come home at Taffy's of Eaton; 123 East Main Street, Eaton OH, 45320.

How Much? Free!