The Happnin' Hootenanny at Hannahs Hosted by Scott Lee

Hannah's, 121 N Ludlow St., Dayton, Ohio

"Going to be a hummmdinger of a show with some of the class country acts from Dayton and beyond Febuary 16th.

FREE SHOW!!! Music at 9:00


Scott Lee: Given the Moniker "Last of the true blue folk singers" Scott will be slinging some ancient country verses from the pre-stadium days, and some of his own songs coming straight from the vein of the old school ramblers, gamblers lone riders and outsiders. Scott can do the cowboy yodel, the blues stomp, and the whiskey warble all at the same time. Sold his soul to the devil and bought a saddle, you don't want to miss the cowboy blues shake and rattle from his ole guitar. Like the black sheep baby of Billy the Kid and Shakespeare, hold on to yer britches and grab another beer, because Scott will make you bust a gut and shed a tear.

Sassy Molasses: Miss Sassy's mission is to explore a comedic approach in advocation of body positive self images and sex positive experiences for those who identify as female, and to teach about consent. Sassy believes, everyone is beautiful, just as they are, and there ain’t one human being on this planet that will survive trying to slut shame this little firecracker. So, she will hit the streets, share lifestyle advice, songs, local artists, and more: all while sporting a big ol’ country fried middle finger for misogyny; donnin’ her cutoffs and cowgirl boots. Yes, Sassy proudly shares her physical, mental, and comedic goods with the world, preachin’ the gospel of sexual consent all the way……..and, well, as she would say, if you don’t like it, “Well then, you fellers can jump up and bite a hog in the ass!”

Chad Cremeans: Chad is cut straight from the boot hide of the outlaw country greats. Songs that'll make you holler, hoot, squall and boot scoot and boogie. He brings the heat everytime with his country ballads and long gone lonesome blues."