Moriah Haven & Nick Giese Duo/ Ross Hollow! @ Stanley's Pub

Stanley's Pub, 323 Stanley Avenue, Cincinnati, Oh

This is going to be a great night of music with Moriah Haven & Nick Giese Duo and Ross Hollow from Indianapolis!

Moriah Haven Moriah Haven is a Singer-Songwriter, whose projects utilize various concept characters, with each expressing a clear idea in their own voice. Though, spoken through many characters, her projects seek to reflect her personal beliefs, in hopes of raising awareness (and removing stigmas) on speaking openly about mental illness, surviving abuse, body positivity, and sexuality, and LBGTQ+ rights. With her own intimate history concerning these matters, her songs often facilitate these discussions with a brutal, poetic honesty. "For me, singing is mostly about the articulation of emotional intention through melody. The arts, and music in particular, seem to connect us with each other on a spiritual level like nothing else quite can; creating a unique human connection you rarely see manifesting through other expressions."

Nick Giese Hailing from Cincinnati, Nick Giese has recorded with such national acts as Country Legend, Billie Gant, Whey Jennings (of 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 Jennings legacy), as well as with the likes of Sonny Moorman, Jackson Taylor, and Headband. He has also proven to be a hometown favorite, hosting weekly jam sessions where he hand picks and facilitates a stage for local talent, and receiving nominations for local awards. Appearing on numerous recordings, including Gant’s 2017 release, “On and On”, as well as “Whey Jennings Acoustic Featuring Nick Giese” in 2014. His guitar work is truly unique, passionate, quick, and tasteful, where he effortlessly transitions from Country to Blues, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Jazz, and Rock with an arsenal of Guitars at his side, with occasional appearances by Banjo, Dobro, and Bass. His songwriting reflects his love for tradition, where he continues a mission to keep authentic Country music alive and well.

Ross Hollow’s music makes you want to stand up, dance, sit down, laugh, tap your toes, hum along, snap your fingers, listen to the words, drink beer, attend church, smell the rain, enjoy life more. It has the kind of catchy melodies and verve that keeps you humming the songs long after you’ve heard them for the first time. With roots in New England, the Southwest, Chicago, The Carolinas, Mississippi Delta, and Indiana, Ross Hollow’s music can transport you to all these places and more, with driving bass funkadelic, solid dobro twang, flamenco guitar riffs, wailing harmonica, scintillating ebony and ivory stylings, backwoods banjo rolls, and the backbeat that just won’t stop. Stream their music on all the major platforms