About Moriah haven

Moriah Haven is a Singer-Songwriter, whose projects utilize various concept characters; each expressing a clear idea in their own voice. Though, spoken through many characters, underlying themes advocating body positivity, sex positivity, teaching consent, and healing after sexual abuse through the arts.

The ultimate goal of efforts such as The Growth Project, is to facilitate very open public conversations to aid in raising awareness on social issues Haven feels passionately about. These conversations are started, with hopes for and breaking down stigmas concerning sexual abuse, addiction, and mental health.

"To me, singing is about the articulation of emotional intention through melody. The arts, and music in particular, can connect us with each other on a spiritual level like nothing else quite can." 

Growing up with strong roots in Appalachian Music, Country, Blues, and Bluegrass, and Gospel, her performances pay homage to the tradition of these genres, often evoking an era and style more reminiscent of times past. She is a lover of tradition, who learned to sing in her Grandmother's Non-Denominational Country Church.....but we've all heard of that preacher's relative who prays every day,.....but....who also loves to push the envelope......because, they like to challenge people to think just a little deeper.....Haven herself often seems as much a juxtaposition as her sonic experiments to those who might meet her in passing, as she is often in character. One can rest assured, however, that she's always doing her best to stay genuine at heart.

Also an organic gardening and sustainable farming enthusiast, Mother, illustrator, and designer; she passionately believes in advocating for survivors of abuse, the for the rights of the LGBTQ community, First Nations Peoples, and individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Afterall, she is a Youghiogheny Shawnee, Aspie, Pansexual woman herself. (Shout-Out!)

Truly unpredictable, it seems worth sticking around to see what this woman might cook up next. One thing has been promised:

"I ain't gonna shut up about it, if I mean it, and I don't say it, unless I mean it."

Photo © Alex Krzystof Grodkiewicz

Photo © Alex Krzystof Grodkiewicz

Oh...This Ol' Blog?

Reflecting on 2015 

I tried to resist the reflective new year's post....but......well.......... 

2015 was a truly life-altering year for me. I couldn't begin to list the ways. I am so very grateful for all who stuck with me, supported me, and believed in me, who gave me the tough love, the kind patience, friendship that facilitated a personal growth and healing for me that I never thought I could achieve. 

I finished my first music project of my very own. I loved, lost, but never regretted a single moment I shared with those I loved, and appreciate whole-heartedly the lessons I learned from their love; even the hard to swallow ones, (or really, especially the hard to swallow lessons), because they inspired the greatest changes. 

I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am not the same person I was a month ago, or even a week ago. I feel a resolve to be my best that I have never felt before with such intensity. 

Reconnecting and accepting God into my life again, has been the best decision I have ever made. I will never again turn away. Thank you, 2015, for changing my game in the biggest ways. Now that I have found greater peace with myself, I look forward to becoming a part of something bigger than me in 2016. I look forward to all of the beautiful possibilities. I have faith that God has many beautiful things in store for me. I look forward to the tests, the blessings, all of the facets of life that are ahead. I look forward to refocusing and further reconnecting with my family, spending more time with my daughter, and strengthening the friendships that have proven themselves in action, and over time.

Food Bank Benefit Songwriter's Solstice at Ghostlight Coffee & Taffy's Christmas Party, TONIGHT, 12/19! 

Over 30 local area Songwriters will perform at the Ohio Chapter of the Songwriter's Solstice to benefit a local foodbank at Ghostlight Coffee on 12/19-12/20. Bring two non-perishable goods or $5 for admission, and come check out some really great music, and really great coffee. This is also a family-friendly event, so load up the youngin's and head on out! Hosted by The Society Of Neutral Angels & Achilles Tenderloin. After Moriah performs at Ghostlight on the 19th, she will be heading over to Taffy's of Eaton for their Christmas party celebration to sing some more tunes! So many fun things happening! 

Benefits, Galore! 

I am so honored to be able to participate in so many beautiful charitable events in the next few weeks. I hope to see you out at all of them, one of them, a few....whatever you can do, please pitch in!?


December 12th & 13th, at New Boswell Brewery & Tap Room, there will be 30 amazing songwriters in Richmond, IN. This will benefit a Richmond food bank.
Admission is either 2 non-perishable food items, or 5 dollars. Hosted by SONA : The Society of Neutral Angels.


December 15th, I will be at the 3rd annual "A Very Dayton Christmas" at The Carrs Photography to benefit a Stivers School for the Arts battling cancer. This benefit features Live Music, a bake sale, kid's crafts, a photo booth, games, and coffee. Admission is free, donations at the door are encouraged, and all proceeds will benefit this young lady & her family.


December 19th & 20th, at Ghostlight Coffee, there will be another set of 30 amazing songwriters in Dayton, OH. This will benefit a Dayton food bank.Admission is either 2 non-perishable food items, or 5 dollars. Hosted by SONA : The Society of Neutral Angels.

Please, come out and support these imperative causes, & enjoy some great music, food, and more.

A Little Blurb on Why I am Thankful Today. 

This morning I awaken, after a beautiful Thanksgiving, feeling humbled by the many blessings in my life. God has been so good to me I couldn't even really begin to know where to start listing the countless, amazing ways in which my life has changed over the past two years, after re-connecting with my faith.

In my lifetime, I was lost for so long, in fear, hurt, sadness, anger.....I was not always kind to others in my actions, and I was especially not kind to myself. There was a particular night that I had a significant change of heart.

One night, I was leading a group songwriting workshop with a friend, working with a youth group at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Dayton, OH at an all night lock-in.

I grew up in my Grandmother's little, one room, non-denominational church, and I was, frankly, completely cynical about big, fancy churches. I had convinced myself that nothing of substance really happened in those places, that it was all just a big show most of the time. In classic fashion, God humbled me in a HUGE way that night, reminding me that I was judging, and that good works happen everywhere. Not only were the young people in the youth group absolutely wonderful and inspiring, it seemed everyone there had a heart of gold, and I saw how much they really cared about sharing love and compassion and helping their community. I was, again humbled. After leading a group prayer/ meditation in their old chapel, and after everyone had turned in to sleep for the night, I went back to that chapel, I got down on my knees, laid my head on the altar and cried my soul out, asking for forgiveness, and learning in my heart, how to forgive. I forgave my abusers, I forgave myself for my past mistakes, I asked for forgiveness for judging these beautiful people, and for assuming I knew anything, at all, without God's guidance. My heart was forever changed that night. I had spent so much time focusing on learning not to judge the addict, the prostitute, the lost, but I had forgotten that I was still judging the preachers, the volunteers, the love warriors, all because they had a different tradition than my own. I had forgotten my compassion, I was still judging.

Today, I am once again humbled, just remembering this. Every morning, my Grandmother, who has been preaching since 1969, gets up, eats breakfast, and watches The 700 Club. Television preachers, were another group, that I had decided I had no time for. After spending a few mornings with my Grandmother watching Pat and friends on there, I realized, that once again, I had been judging. I watched, realizing how many hearts they had touched, how many hungry children they have fed around the world, how many broken hearts and hopeless situations had been healed with their help, and I realized.........SO WHAT, BIG DEAL, if I didn't agree with their politics, SO WHAT, if I didn't see eye to eye with them on everything? I may not always love when the politics creep in, but no one can deny the true kindness in sweet ol' Pat's eye, and you certainly have to admire his faith and tenacity for standing up for what he believes in, with no apology, and you certainly cannot deny that he LOVES.

Everywhere you go, there are "good" and "bad" eggs, so to speak. Our job, on this Earth, is to LOVE EVERYONE, to show them compassion, to be kind to EVERYONE, no matter how we feel about them, or their actions, personally. How do we even define these ideas of "good" and "bad" as humans with many facets to our existence, none of us being perfect, anyway?

Another time I was humbled, again, I attended an event called Hope Over Heroin, put on by the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, OH. They have been the butt of countless jokes for their statue of Jesus out front, I even participated in the ribbing myself. I saw, at this event, people with amazing hearts, who wanted nothing more than to help. They were changing people's lives, saving lives, and giving people invaluable resources they couldn't find anywhere else to beat their addiction. I was, again, approaching the situation cynically, it seemed like such an over produced show before remembering my compassion. Then, they were baptizing people up front, asking them if they were ready to give up their addictions, and accept God into their heart. I saw one woman's face, as she came back up, I saw all of her facets, all of the hurt, all of her fear, fading, and the most beautiful look of hope....I can never describe it, and I wept, uncontrollably. I realized, no matter what the methodology, the importance of saving just one life, just one soul, from the grips of fear and addiction, is just as important as saving a million, every single soul is priceless. I knew her fear, I had felt it myself, and I knew how beautiful it was to finally let go of it.

I am only alive today, because others who didn't agree with my self-destructive actions, showed me love and compassion. I am only alive today, because of countless prayers, countless hours of patient love from my family, from my friends, and because God saved my life, let me live, kept me around through all of these struggles for a reason. I am alive because of the Divine Love of God.

I wrote "Come Here, My Dear" about a night when I was the one the narrator in the song was speaking to, laying naked on the floor, drunk, with a knife, ready to take my own life. The only thing that saved me was love, through the words of a friend, the love of my family, and the word of the Lord.

I wrote the Growth Project, in hopes of sharing that love with others. Especially with those who had felt broken, lost, and hurt like myself, starving for something to fill the hole in their hearts. The only thing that saved me was the love God shows me every day, not only through his word, but in the hearts of others, in the laughter of my beautiful daughter, in a little bird's song, in the petal of a flower.......it is everywhere, when you finally accept it, you will feel it and see it, everywhere you look.

The Growth Project is really a Gospel Album, though many wouldn't see it that way, traditionally. It is about that divine love saving a soul. Today, my soul is again humbled, and I thank you all for your support along the journey. I could not be more grateful to have made the changes I have made in my life, and I could have never done them without love.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday, as well, and I am thankful for you. I pray you all are blessed today, no matter what your tradition, no matter where you are in life, no matter what mistakes you've made, just remember, you are loved.

<3 Moriah Haven