The Delicate Evidence of Nature 

She touched her

in parts of her heart

she had previously reserved

for disappointment.

She touched her skin

with a tenderness

she had only seen

in the delicate evidence of nature.

She found herself

In her eyes

In her hands

In her heart:

A place she has vowed

to call home

until nature reclaims her;

But the essence

of her lips

will exist infinitely

with her soul.


Indeed, darling...
Desire comes first, through anticipation....
Delicious: the memory of your fingertips,
Decadent: are the expanses of my imagination:
Indulging in the knowledge that your touch, would exceed 
the salacious boundaries of my expectation
to reclaim my sensuality by accepting,
and indulging in touch without fear.
Touch my skin,
where my heart will heal through it.
Touch my heart,
where my skin would accept you.

Momentary Flame 

I have searched for
the fire fantasy
of a heart set ablaze,
for that singular moment of bliss
when we kissed,
you touched my skin,
I've searched for it, my entire life...
it was discovered, though, now, unattainable....
For even the momentary flame, 
I am grateful.
If it is the only time
I will feel it,
I could sustain
in my loneliness,
even with just the memory
of your delicious flame.
I will find a small, dark pleasure to know, dear, 
that when you touch her,
it will be my lips
you are longing for.

Ambrosia Nectar 

Savor my Ambrosia nectar 
inside your gorgeous lips, 
drink me in, as the holy living water 
that sustains the thirsting of your soul;
with parting lips exclaiming ecstasy, 
electrical fingers claiming my hips,
take me in, lover:
inside of your golden heart, 
your heart chamber,
your rib cage, 
your abdomen aflame, 
I will taste your ambrosia nectar 
inside of my gorgeous lips: 
I'll drink you in lover, 
Holy, loving water,
heart Ambrosia:
to nourish my soul's very essence:
THIS is freedom. 

Forgiveness: Blue Heron Heart Flight 

After light was shed
upon your hurt:

A little scared boy,
beaten and bruised,
abandoned at the
next foster home,
and the next, 
and the next,
your innocence
stolen, too.
You didn't know better.

I forgave you,
for touching me
when I was seven,
and my heart soared:

it took up
a beautiful Great Blue Heron flight,
wings that seemingly struggle,
to lift the weight of you,
but, miraculously,
you rise up, and soar,
so gracefully,
after the awkward takeoff,
now, you see,
you can fly,

Deaf Ears, Blind Hearts 

Often brave words fall
upon deaf ears,
and blind hearts:
yearning to accuse,
than rather accept
their own shortcoming, 
a refusal to submit
to divine love and peace.

Let their hearts be changed,
in that blood,
washed clean,
open to the light,
with each breath,
and each molecule,
releasing praise for the breath
that has just escaped you.

Beat The Fear Out Of It 

When the Sun shines upon the new day, 
we would know the tenderest love,
a blossom of hope,
a gentleness, 
out up 
from the rubble of an old, 
carnal heart, 
to reveal 
the glistening ruby 
Of holy love,
born anew, 
sinuous muscle
that once again,

Will beat....beat....beat the fear out of it all.....

Old Heart, New Heart 

Vile words spoken 
from the deepest crevice within
the darkest cave corner, 
but a blind amphibian, 
groping at the blackness,
flailing for the first thing it could happen upon
to slash with claws of fear and doubt:

This was the old heart:
Void of divine love,
or any purity, grace, or compassion:
a demon of pungent vapor,
a wisp in the corner;
quietly poised at the first chance
to devour and destroy anything beautiful or holy....

Fearlessly meek,
Tirelessly gentle,
Forever faithful
In heart, in practice,
A divine grace, 
The Antelope could not catch you,
leaping over the tallest grass, 
Unafraid, free, while you believe with your whole being,
that when you fall back, arms out, smiling in free bliss,
knowing that you will land in the most divine arms of Godly love, 
where he keeps us free, forevermore.

This is the New Heart:
Void of vile intention, 
filled with the fearless love of grace,
an Angel of compassion and gratitude,
a Redwood pillar,
Roots thriving in the Earth of creation, 
Ready to walk with hands clasped in each side of a Saviour, 
Feet burning a brand new road, paved in fire, cleansing to ashes....
ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, new heart burning with devotion, and humbled by the divine:

The latter heart, I now give to you, my dearest friend.


Clear your heart of any residue
I may have left in there,
as I was only ever passing through.

There was no home for me there,
in your self-righteous nest,
you never made me a place to stay.