“Forgiveness: The Blue Heron Heart Flight” 

After light was shed 

upon your hurt: 


A little scared boy, 

beaten and bruised, 

abandoned at the 

next foster home, 

and the next, 

and the next... 


your innocence 

stolen, too. 

You didn't know better. 


I forgave you, 

for touching me 

when I was seven, 

and my heart soared: 


it took up 

a beautiful Great Blue Heron flight, 

wings that seemingly struggle, 

to lift the weight of you, 

but, miraculously, 

you rise up, and soar, 

so gracefully, 

after the awkward takeoff, 

now, you see, 

you can fly, 








Copyright 2015 Gypsea Salt

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