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Little Girl Heart

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Written, Produced, Arranged by Moriah Haven Lawson.

Mixed by Eric Stewart.

Accordion by Patrick Casey.


When Charlie Byers used to touch me
down by the creek,
he'd say,
"Now, don't you worry, honey,
it's your secret game with me"

And, I said I'd be quiet,
but, I didn't seem right,
and I didn't like it,
but, I couldn't fight
'cause he was stronger
than I was....
and, when can you feel again
after your youth's been stolen?

Now, I've endured many times with Charlie,
never telling a soul,
and, if I deny it,
over and over,
then it wasn't real
at all....

And, I've always kept quiet,
but, I've never felt right,
and my little girl heart
can no longer fight,
the hurt is stronger
than I was.....
and, when can you feel ok
after your youth's been stolen?

Copyright 2014 Moriah Haven
Nereid Tree Productions, ASCAP