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Come Here, My Dear

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Written, Arranged, & Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.

Vocals, Midi, & Mandolin by Moriah Haven.

Mixed by Eric Stewart.


When you gonna find your peace of mind, love?
When ya gonna tell me something good about it?
Well, Come here, my dear,
You can’t keep on living alone,
Can’t keep moving along in fear,
And I’ve never seen hurt so real,
As in your self-destructive heart,
Lashing out, going for a kill,
I can’t deal…..

So, come here, darlin’,
Don’t talk that way,
Come here, darlin’,
Don’t throw it away…..

Don’t hang up, I’ll be there in a few, Love,
Please, don’t hurt yourself before I get there…..
My dear, I’ve found you here,
Naked, in the floor,
Laying in a puddle of swill,
And I know you’ve had your fill,
But, you’ve got to look up and live,
Instead of laying here, trying to drink yourself to death…..

Enveloping darkness,
Why can’t I feel?
My forced smile
May seem sincere…..
But, when I pull this blade across,
Slow, and bleed it out,
You’ll know how I’m hurting deeply,
Yeah, you’ll see it…..
You’ll see it…..
You’ll see it…..
You’ll see it…..

The only thing that saved me
Was divine love,
I’ll tell you, it’s the only way
You can survive it.

The only way,
(Divine Love)
The only way,
(Divine Love)
The only way,
(Divine Love)
The only way……

Copyright Moriah Haven Lawson, 2015. Nereid Tree Productions, ASCAP