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Hold Me, Artemis

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Written, Produced, Mixed, & Engineered by Moriah Haven Lawson.

Slide Guitar by David Rhodes Brown.

Mandolin, Electro stuff, & Vocals by Moriah Haven Lawson.

Copyright Moriah Haven Lawson, 2015.
Nereid Tree Productions, ASCAP.


What can you do,
when it comes to this?
You got to the bottom of this,
that seemed bottomless,
move on until the hurt fades away,
in the loving arms of sweetest Artemis.

Your quiver is empty from all the stress,
of fighting off the death
that clings from this mess,
but, now, you've found
your own power, dear,
pick up your bow,
and travel without fear,

and, when you're feeling lonesome,
darlin', when you're feeling blue,
you've gotta call on the name of love,
it's what will see you through.

So, what did you do when it came to this?
Got to the bottom of this,
which seemed bottomless,
now, you can find your way
to the stream:
where living waters flow,
to your heart,
in a love: redeemed.

Copyright Moriah Haven Lawson, 2015
Nereid Tree Productions, ASCAP