1. Screw Me Over

From the recording The Sassy Molasses Demos (2012)

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Screw Me Over

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Written & Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.
Sassy Molasses was:
-Bass: Thomas Curran,
-Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals: Moriah Haven,
-Drums: Michael J. Hamilton,
-T.J. Crenshaw: Lap Steel & Guitar
-Keys: Luke Pace-Scrivener,
-Additional Vocals: Chelsea Barton


Just ‘cause ya screwed me,
Don’t mean ya gotta screw me over.
Is common courtesy really such a tall order?
I’m not in the mood for ya to be rude.
So, I guess you’ll miss hittin’ this,
Until ya change your attitude.

Barely can see through the wool that
You’re trying to pull over.
It’s nothing new to see you break down
My borders
I’m so into you, even though you are a douche.
But, another kiss, I’ll not miss,
When I can get them all from you.

And, just ‘cause ya screwed me,
Don’t mean I’ll also screw you over.
Common courtesy was raised into me,
With love for the Lord.
So, I’ll forgive you,
Because that’s what Christians do.
If I hadn’t caught you getting’
That old itch, then,
Maybe I’d have gotten hitched with you.
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson