From the recording The Sassy Molasses Demos (2012)

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A Most Disconcerting Sound (a.k.a., The Stompy, Clappy Song)

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-Written & Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.
-Engineered by Clinton Lawson;
-Co-Engineered by Barry Lawson.

Sassy Molasses was:
-Bass: Thomas Curran,
-Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals: Moriah Haven,
-Drums: Michael J. Hamilton,
-T.J. Crenshaw: Lap Steel & Guitar
-Keys: Luke Pace-Scrivener,
-Additional Vocals: Chelsea Barton


I don’t base attraction on natural selection,
Looks don’t concern me much.
But, I know one thing I don’t wanna do
Is go back to the start.
And, contained in the clouds set around us,
A most disconcerting sound,
And I know one thing I’m gonna do
Is leave you in the dark.

Always apt to emotional racket,
I’m not always smart,
But I’ll tell you what I’m not into
Is the way you broke my heart.
And since you weren’t really around much,
I’m not sure how I’ve found
My heart completely wrapped around you,
Never will it part.

Aware of a fraction of all of your actions,
Even my naïve heart could tell the things you’d put
It through, could leave a hefty scar.
So, finally, you say that you need me,
Though we knew from the start,
Our love is held in captivity
By that girl who holds our hearts.
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson