From the recording The Sassy Molasses Demos (2012)

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Falling For Straight Girls

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-Written & Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.
-Engineered by Clinton Lawson;
-Co-Engineered by Barry Lawson.

Sassy Molasses was:
-Bass: Thomas Curran,
-Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals: Moriah Haven,
-Drums: Michael J. Hamilton,
-T.J. Crenshaw: Lap Steel & Guitar
-Keys: Luke Pace-Scrivener,
-Additional Vocals: Chelsea Barton


Well, guess I’m the one in wonderland
Thinking that I could hold your hand.
But, it’s no stretch, accusing me a dreamer.
But, your dart caught my heart,
yes, you are truly one apart.
From the masses of art school hipsters.

Well, don’t say maybe, baby
Unless you mean maybe.
Well, don’t say maybe,
Just ‘cause you’re scared to say no,
Baby, I’ll leave you alone.

Well, here’s supposing attention you paid,
Did not expect such reaction.
Dancing eyes utilize all aspects of attraction.
And, from now on at all of my shows,
I’ll pretend ignoring your freckled nose
As it crinkles with your mischievous smile,
Besides, Ezra Brooks says I’ll be ok in a while….
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson