From the recording The Sassy Molasses Demos (2012)

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Poor, Compulsive, Little Me

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-Written & Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.
-Engineered by Clinton Lawson;
-Co-Engineered by Barry Lawson.

Sassy Molasses was:
-Bass: Thomas Curran,
-Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals: Moriah Haven,
-Drums: Michael J. Hamilton,
-T.J. Crenshaw: Lap Steel & Guitar
-Keys: Luke Pace-Scrivener,
-Additional Vocals: Chelsea Barton


You say, "Woe is poor, compulsive little me!"
Neil Young would disapprove so fervently.
Well, have you ever sat and tried to chat with
someone who's on 4 caps of smack?
Complain it's not the way ya wanna be,
then blame all of your actions upon me,
claiming that you're the victim now, 'cause
you're so damn full of yourself.

What makes you hide all the time?
What makes you get high all the time?
You wanna hide all the time.
So, you get high all the time...

Pretension doesn't really suit me,
to suppose that you're the only one to see.
Regarding you, my challenge now,
is avoiding language rather foul.
The new closely resembles all the old,
way to beat that stigmatic addict mold,
well, I'm sure that you're elated now,
you got the milk before the cow...

Oh, the wonders never seem to cease,
all the ways you find to infuriate me.
Well, ya think that it's for show and tell,
but, it's average hon, I hate to tell.
There's nothing that you could say to me
that could leave me away from the belief
that you were built for sheerest hell,
no one could do it quite as well....

(c) 2012 Moriah Haven Lawson