From the recording The Sassy Molasses Demos (2012)

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I've Tried It All Twice

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-Written & Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.
-Engineered by Clinton Lawson;
-Co-Engineered by Barry Lawson.

Sassy Molasses was:
-Bass: Thomas Curran,
-Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals: Moriah Haven,
-Drums: Michael J. Hamilton,
-T.J. Crenshaw: Lap Steel & Guitar
-Keys: Luke Pace-Scrivener,
-Additional Vocals: Chelsea Barton


Come if ya wanna, come on, now don't ya?
You know how that makes me insane...

So, do ya wanna?
Then, get right on it.
I'm not here to play any games.

I do my best talkin'
when I'm on top, darlin'.
You know I can make YOU insane.

So, get down on it,
you'll wanna own it.
Get addicted to my taste.

Well, hon, you just name it,
then we're gonna play it.
I've tried it all twice anyway.

Just start up here, darlin',
then move right down on it.
You know it will make us insane.

And now, when you leave it,
you'll find that you need it.
Thoughts of my touch will just stay on...

(c) 2012 Moriah Haven Lawson